bea ayala

i am a latina & boricua, a culture s
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roesia gerstein

i am currently enjoying retirement after
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delaney hardt

i am a student in the visualization prog
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ibrahim kabil

i am a tech wizard who got into mindfuln
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dorian rolston

i'm dorian, a guy in tucson, arizona. i
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dev tandon

after nearly 20 years in corporate ameri
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kimberly wiefling

i'm a scientist by education (ms in phys
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the obo merchandise store will initially feature hoodies and t-shirts with obo movement branding. it will be the first for-profit business on earth running completely on the principles of the movement.


the obo premise

the obo premise, by dev tandon, is the first book of the movement. it tells the story of how the movement came to be, what it is, and everything we achieved in the first year of the movement, by living the principles of obo.


monastic consulting

the obo consulting business operates on the monastic consulting model and works with business leaders to implement obo principles in their companies.


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obo 100

What is innovation? Putting people first – or even more extreme, putting people as “only” – and showing that prosperity comes from that approach. It’s creating something from nothing where EVERYONE benefits – not just a few. Come join us to support the 2020 group of OBO 100 innovators and their initiatives, and change the world forever.


#82 Obo: Connecting Humans – with Dev Tandon

These are some of the questions Dev seeks to explore with the ‘Obo’ movement. With no money, he has already inspired a team to help him build a brand, write a book and design Obo’s first products.

We talk:

  • His moment of inspiration while meditating on a flight to Mexico
  • Starting meetings with silence
  • The broader human project to build ‘awakened’ systems for business
  • His radical approach for hiring
  • Why putting money to one side has it chasing us

077: How Employee Fulfillment Leads To Business Success With Dev Tandon

In this episode, we meet Dev Tandon, CEO of the Kini Group and Founder of the OBO Movement, whose mission is to transform the way society does business by focusing on employee fulfillment.

My Favorite Quotes from Dev Tandon in this episode, (paraphrased):

“If you want to change minds, start by changing hearts!”

“Start your meetings with a moment of silence!”

“Realign the prioritization of business calls to be 90% about human connection!”

“Help your employees get into their flow!”

“To get the best from people, lead them from zones of excellence to their unique zones of genius!”


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