OBO Movement

dorian rolston

i’m dorian, a guy in tucson, arizona. i live with my dog in a little casita near the university of arizona, where i just got my mfa in creative writing and am teaching a couple classes of freshman composition in the fall. my approach is to combine writing and well-being, which i extend to many other areas of my life: professional work for the personal leadership company mentora, current training with the crisis text line, a nascent podcast chatting with writers about their days at essay daily, and much else (including and especially notes to friends, plus the occasional billet-doux to my paramour). my purpose in life is to put us in as close touch as possible with ourselves, and i just so happen to have been born with a pen in my hand to do so. in a former life i was a semi-professional tennis player, a wholly amateur drummer in a queen cover band, and a wannabe buddhist in japan (though i still sit meditation regularly, and go on zen retreats, so i guess i never shook that). since earning my bachelor’s in philosophy from princeton in 2010, i’ve been wandering about trying to find the philosophy that is a way of life, which appears to be an ongoing and messy process, much like this introduction. if i’ve learned anything, it’s that what’s most important happens between people, which is what draws me to obo: we’re all in this together, all wondering what “this” is.