OBO Movement

kimberly wiefling

i’m a scientist by education (ms in physics, bs in chemistry & physics). i love science! but when i started working with human beings i found out that they are much more complicated than science.

i live in silicon valley, california, and i consult all over planet earth with companies that are committed to transforming themselves, their businesses, and our world for the better. business is about solving problems – profitably, and thus sustainably – and it’s relatively easy to double chances of business success by turning common sense into common practice.

my superpower is to enable managers to become inspiring leaders, and groups of people to become true teams, who can achieve together what no one could achieve alone. honestly, it’s not that difficult. The most common reasons for failure in teams globally are predictable and preventable: lack of trusting relationships, failure to overcome communication barriers, including effective approaches for problem-solving and decision-making, lack of clear goals, and misalignment of priorities. knowing how is not enough to change anything! if it were, we’d all be rich and thin. It’s the discipline to do what is required that matters.

there came a point in my life when i asked myself “do workplaces really need to suck your will to live?” there are decades of research that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that healthy, vibrant, engaging workplaces deliver better results on every business metric! there’s literally no downside, and huge upside for any business that embraces what my techie friends sometimes call “the touchy-feely crap”. obo gives me hope that we can integrate human beings into business in a way that optimizes both the workplace experience and business results.